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With its old-world charm, modern amenities, and vibrant culture, SoHo is one of the most desirable areas to live in New York City. Located south of Houston Street, SoHo is characterized by landmark cast-iron buildings and a charming cobblestone street grid with tree-lined streets that offer an idyllic residential environment. For those looking for premier real estate in the best neighborhoods, Soho provides endless options with attractive residences that fit virtually any lifestyle or budget. Whether you are in the market to purchase your own home or investing in residential properties, now is the time to explore what this dynamic neighborhood has to offer.

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17,216 people live in Soho, where the median age is 40 and the average individual income is $158,807.72. Data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.



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Soho, New York

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Soho, New York

SoHo’s tightly-contained community has some of the best culture New York City has to offer. Centrally located just south of Washington Square Park, its luxury boutiques and designer stores make up the neighborhood’s high-end fashionable atmosphere. Coupled with original cobblestone streets, living in SoHo is a distinctive experience.

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Discover the Best Real Estate Options in SoHo, Manhattan, NY

SoHo, Manhattan, is a dream destination for many. With its dynamic and eclectic cultural scene, outstanding shopping opportunities, and iconic architecture - why wouldn't you want to live here? Those looking to purchase property in this exceptional area of New York City will find an extensive selection available, boasting everything from classic townhouses to modern high-rise apartments!


The Advantages of Buying Real Estate in SoHo, Manhattan

SoHo, Manhattan, is a bustling hub of activity for active urbanites seeking a fantastic place to call home. The neighborhood stands out as one of New York City's most creative locales, featuring iconic architecture, countless art galleries, and fashionable boutiques. Whether you're considering investing in real estate or simply eyeing up desirable areas to live in - SoHo has it all! With its vibrant culture and rich heritage, any potential buyer can expect plenty of benefits from this sought-after area; making now the perfect time to become part of your very own slice of that exclusive NYC life.

  • Proximity to the Best Arts and Culture: SoHo is home to a thriving arts and culture scene, with numerous galleries, theaters, and museums throughout the neighborhood. Whether you're a fan of contemporary art, classical music, or cutting-edge theater, you'll always have things to do in SoHo.
  • World-Class Shopping and Dining: SoHo is also known for its incredible shopping and dining options. You'll find everything you need from designer boutiques to trendy restaurants in this part of the city. Whether you're looking to indulge in some retail therapy or treat yourself to a gourmet meal, you'll find plenty of options in SoHo.
  • Iconic Architecture: SoHo is famous for its beautiful cast-iron buildings, many of which date back to the 19th century. These historic structures, along with the neighborhood's tree-lined streets and cobblestone sidewalks, create a charming and distinctive ambiance that sets SoHo apart from other parts of the city.

Available Real Estate Options in SoHo, Manhattan

SoHo, Manhattan, is a prime real estate destination for individuals seeking to purchase a property. Here, one can find an array of options that range from luxurious apartments in high-rises and historic townhouses to spacious dwellings - the perfect choice regardless of your needs or preferences! Famous residences among SoHo buyers include:

  • Luxury High-Rise Apartments: If you're looking for a modern and luxurious living experience, a high-rise apartment may be just what you're looking for. With breathtaking views of the city, state-of-the-art amenities, and spacious floor plans, these properties offer the ultimate in urban living.
  • Historic Townhouses: For those who prefer a more traditional living experience, SoHo also offers several historic townhouses. These charming properties, many of which date back to the 19th century, offer a glimpse into the city's rich history and provide a unique living experience.
  • Loft Apartments: Another popular real estate option in SoHo are loft apartments. These spacious and open floor plans provide a contemporary living experience and are perfect for those who value a creative and flexible living space.

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent for You

When purchasing real estate in SoHo, Manhattan, an experienced and savvy agent is essential. A trustworthy professional will guide you through this area's intricate market, ensuring that your budget can unlock what satisfies your specific requirements. Locating the right choice for you means equipping yourself with a helpful ally to ensure success for each search!

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SoHo's cobblestoned streets are quietest before 8 am, so embrace your inner morning person.

SoHo has had quite a transformation over the years. From its industrial beginnings in the mid-1900s, nicknamed 'Hell's Hundred Acres', to today, where it is renowned for its upscale fashion boutiques and iconic cast iron architecture, SoHo stands as an epitome of urban renewal.

Rich in history, SoHo stands today as a true cultural hub. Characterized by its cobblestone streets and vibrant community of artists, locals can take an exciting journey through Little Italy to the east or lose themselves among TriBeCa's many galleries and West Village's picturesque cafes to the south and north, respectively.

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