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6,086 people live in Battery Park City, where the median age is 38.5 and the average individual income is $162,237.89. Data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.



38.5 years






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Battery Park is the only neighborhood in New York bordered on three sides by water, affording a high degree of privacy, quiet, and sweeping, unobstructed views of the most iconic waterway in the world.

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If you're looking for a free parking spot downtown, rare gems can be found on the northwestern end of Battery Place. Located just west of the Battery Park Underpass and Little West Street, these spots allow you to save cash while visiting this amazing area!

All must respect park property. Excavations or landfill operations are permissible only with a proper permit, and any unauthorized activities will not be tolerated.

In 1982, New York State ensured a lasting tribute to the past with its selection of Battery Park as part of Harbor Park - an esteemed collection of historic waterfront sites. Home to many glorious monuments saluting veterans, explorers, innovators, and immigrants alike, this park is a constant reminder that their courage and accomplishments will never be forgotten.

Manhattan's 10282 ZIP code area - comprised of Battery Park City - has earned itself the distinguished title of being crowned America's most expensive neighborhood. The lofty average rental price sits at an eye-watering $6,211 per month; a staggering 12.4% year-over-year increase that emphasizes its sky-high market values and tremendous appeal as one of this nation’s premier residential locations.

Kobi Lahav

Kobi Lahav

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent Serving Battery Park & Surrounding Areas

LLB (Law Degree) Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

Executive MBA Program Stern School of Business, NYU (class of 2017) specializing in Finance, Banking and Management.

Who is Kobi Lahav?

Kobi Lahav is the Sr. Managing Director at Living NY, specializing in sales, investments, and rentals in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

However, the man is so much more than the title.

Born in Israel, Kobi has a long history of success and leadership in his career, starting with his stint in the Israeli Defense Forces, where he acquired his dedication, resilience, and his steadfast ability to work well under pressure. All of these qualities helped develop him into the determined, spirited businessman and broker he is today. Following his substantial military service, Kobi found great success in the hospitality industry, serving as the Concierge for one of the largest hotel chains in Israel, in the resort city of Eilat. His time there taught him the most important lessons of Real Estate: Good Customer Service comes above all else.

Looking for an even greater challenge, Kobi went off to study law at Israel’s most prestigious university, where he strengthened his focal and analytical skills. His hard work paid off, landing him a coveted position working for Meitar Law Firm, one of the largest and most esteemed law firms in Tel Aviv. There, Kobi specialized in Mergers and Acquisitions, IPO’s, investment rounds, tech companies, large-scale commercial litigation, and aided in deals ranging from 30 million, up to 1 billion dollars. In dealing with such high-profile cases, Kobi absorbed the charisma, acumen, and sensitivity necessary for working with elite clients. Furthermore, the negotiation skills he gained as a lawyer have always served him very well in closing a deal

Upon moving to the US in 2007, Kobi embarked on his highly successful career in real estate. Kobi fell in love with New York City’s unique energy and began working for boutique firms, where he was quickly promoted to VP, due to his status as a top producer and his adept skills of negotiation and high-level customer service. The business expertise and foreign success he had gained within the fields of hospitality and corporate law were a perfect fit for the fast-paced intensity of the New York City Real Estate Market, and Kobi has always been ahead of the game. Always pushing himself to grow, Kobi continued to evolve professionally and personally by graduating from the Executive MBA Program at NYU Stern School of Business, specializing in Finance, Banking, and Management. His high levels of education have served him and his clients at every turn, understanding the ins and outs of working with exclusive clients and businesses. For Kobi, his client’s needs are always at the top of his list, and he will develop his abilities and skills in any way necessary to meet your needs. In 2015, Kobi began working as the Senior Managing Director of Mdrn. Residential and quickly was promoted to take the role of CEO in the company. In 2020, Kobi took the role of Sr. Managing Director in Living NY.

Kobi’s passion for real estate has led him to build two more real estate related businesses, a co-working office space for Psychotherapists, which he built with his wife, and a Student Housing Investment business, where he partnered with two experts in the field to buy and operate properties near ivy league schools. Kobi also serves as a board member in a multimillion-dollar real estate investment company, which specializes in multifamily investments in Florida.

While Kobi is an incredibly busy man, he makes sure to find time to develop himself personally and spend time with his beautiful wife, Shira, a successful psychotherapist and entrepreneur whom he met when she came into his office, and his four young children. In his spare time, Kobi can either be found with his nose in a book (with a love for reading up on finance, business, and politics), practicing MMA, playing with his beautiful children, or frequenting the many restaurants of this vibrant city with his wife (their favorite being Moroccan-fusion Mogador in the East Village.) Additionally, Kobi recognizes the importance of philanthropy and community, and is an active member of the Real Estate Board of NY (REBNY), AIPAC, the Israel State Bar Association, and is an active donor to the ASPCA (and the dog-owner of an adorable Shih-Tzu).

If you’re looking for a broker who will never stop working to meet all of your needs through every step of the process, don’t hesitate to call Kobi Lahav at (917) 858-1915 or email at [email protected].

You can put your trust in Kobi to use all of his expertise, education, and highly developed skills to help you close the deal of your dreams.

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For Kobi, his client’s needs are always at the top of his list, and he will develop his abilities and skills in any way necessary to meet your needs. You can put your trust in Kobi to use all of his expertise, education, and highly developed skills to help you close the deal of your dreams!

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