8 Reasons More People Move to Manhattan in the Summer

  • Kobi Lahav
  • 07/20/21

Summer in New York is a hot affair, but it’s also the perfect time to make the leap if you’re moving to Manhattan. The city is teeming with life, so you can enjoy everything it has to offer—from events to rooftop bars to city pools. Logistically, summer is also the easiest time to make the transition for work and school. So pack up and get ready to find your perfect spot because there are many pros to moving to Manhattan during the summer months.

1. School Breaks

It makes sense for families with school-age children to move to Manhattan in the summer months. If you’re moving from a different city, pulling your kid out of school early and having them start somewhere new mid-term can put a lot of strain on both you and them. Waiting until summer for your move means the kids can finish out the school year strong, and you have plenty of time to research schools in your new neighborhood before the fall. Many schools operate on waitlists, so getting to the city before school starts will make sure that you have more options for your child’s education.

2. Time to Get Settled

Moving in the summer also gives you and your kids the added benefit of being settled in and having a new routine before the first day of school, setting you all up for success. Your kids will be able to focus on their studies, and you’ll be able to take them to extracurriculars without having to worry about moving and settling in logistics.

If you move in the summer, you’ll know where your favorite grocery stores, coffee shops, and restaurants are. Finding them while the weather is nice will help ease the transition into winter.

Looking to find some favorites? Try these for a delicious bite or a caffeinated pick-me-up:

Black Fox Coffee Co. - homemade nut milk, outstanding matcha, and the best selection of beans from around the world
Café Integral - Nicaraguan coffee in a charming shop
The Elk - Vancouver vibes abound in this general store and coffee shop
Kopitiam - Sweet and savory Malaysian dishes
Atla - hip-yet-casual experimental Mexican fare
Superiority Burger - a popular veggie burger pop-up goes brick-and-mortar

3. More Flexible Working Hours

For many companies, work schedules are more flexible during the summer. Companies often expect their employees will take a summer vacation and are more lenient with time-off requests. Even if you’re not taking time off to move, summer can make that easier because many offices have slower working hours and summer Fridays.

If you’re moving jobs or starting a new job along with your move, summer is the perfect time to do it because the job search is often easier in summer. Offices slow down in the summer, which means companies have more bandwidth to put into hiring new team members. There is often less competition because people are more focused on summer vacations than on job searching. And finally, you will probably encounter a more casual approach from future employers because people are often more laid back during the summer.

4. Better Weather

If you move in the spring, you’ll most likely get rained on. If you move in the winter, you may have to deal with inconvenient amounts of snow. New York City averages 25 inches of snow every year, and though the sparkling white city is beautiful, it is hazardous to move in. Add the cold weather that accompanies it, and you have miserable moving conditions. 

While it does rain in the summer, the odds of you having good weather for your move are seriously increased. If you’re worried about the heat affecting your move, do not fear. There is more daylight in the summer, and the earlier morning hours are great for getting a head start on your move before the heat sets in. Save yourself and your belongings by planning to move during the summer months.

5. Manhattan is Amazing in the Summer

Summer in Manhattan buzzes with life. Residents beat the heat by hanging out at city pools and rooftop bars. Manhattan has lots of green space to take advantage of in the summer. Hudson River Park has boating, beach volleyball, basketball, and Manhattan’s only 18-hole miniature golf course. In Central Park, you can catch Public Theater’s Free Shakespeare in the Park or attend one of the park’s numerous concerts.

Beat the heat at one of Manhattan’s art museums like The Met, The Moma, or the Guggenheim. Or take a sightseeing cruise to view your home from a new angle. Circle Line cruises leave from Hell’s Kitchen and let you see Manhattan from the water. If you go on July 4th, you can have a front-row seat to the city’s impressive fireworks display. Also, though Yankee Stadium is technically not in Manhattan, many residents enjoy going to Yankee’s games throughout the summer. 

Learning a new city takes time, but moving to Manhattan in the summer allows you to jumpstart that process in an incredible way. Grab a water bottle and go explore all your new home has to offer.

6. More Time for Day Trips

There are so many incredible places for day trips around Manhattan. If you move here in the summer, you’ll be able to take advantage of them before winter weather comes and you settle into the routine of work and school.

A few great day trips to take advantage of are:

◾ Cornwall, NY has lush green landscapes and the outdoor art exhibits of Storm King Art Center
◾ Fire Island is great for those who want a sun-filled day at the beach
◾ Cape May, NJ offers visitors a day full of seafood and whale watching
Mohonk Preserve, NY has 8,000 acres of forests, cliffs, ponds, and streams that are ideal for nature enthusiasts wanting to hike, cycle, or rock climb.

7. Fewer Delays

Summer is a busy time for moving companies, and for good reason. With good weather, clear roads, and fewer holidays, you can expect your movers to experience fewer delays, which means you can get settled into your new home quicker and easier. One thing to pay attention to during this time, however, is that you should be sure to book your movers well in advance, or you run the risk of them being too busy to take you on.

8. More Options to Choose From

Summer being a great time to move means that more people move out of Manhattan during the summer months. This means there are often more available listings for you to choose from during the summer. Having options means there’s a better chance that you’ll be able to check off all the things on your dream home list. 

Another way to make sure you get to see all your options and pick the one that’s right for you is to work with a realtor. They can give you details about the community that you won’t find anywhere else and make sure your summer move goes off without a hitch.

Moving to Manhattan this summer? 

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